Smoked Ham

Though we do not actually smoke our own hams we have found a product that is superb. Pitt smoked hams roasted and dredged with our honey clove mustard baste. Sliced thin for sandwiches or can be sliced thicker for your holiday events.

Pulled Pork

Fresh pork butts rubbed in our house made pulled pork rub & seasonings, then left to marinate overnight. We then slowly roast the butts for over 10 hours at a low temp to break down the butt for perfect tenderness. Then tossed and simmered in your choice of SpitfireZ BBQ Sauce.

Local Made Sausage

SpitfireZ gets all there sausage made fresh weekly from an area local butcher. 2 different flavors are made for us, hot and sweet. We can also have a SUPER hot made with some advance noted. We use this sausage for all applications, sauces, grilling, and entrees.


Blended with pork and beef, this traditional kielbasa is used in our side dishes, entrees, and on the grill.

Whole Roasted Pig

All SpitfireZ roast pigs are prepped the same way no matter if you are getting it stuffed or not. We take the whole hog and clean up all the loose fat and parts that the average person does not consume. Anything can be saved or prepared for you, the pig is yours, just let us know. After the cleaning process, we spike all the heavy meaty parts of the pig with fresh garlic slivers. We then rub the pig down, inside and out, with our special wet rub. Our pigs are then left to marinate over night, and roasted the next day on our open charcoal rotisseries.

Pork Kabobs

Pork Chops

Pork Tenderloins

Smoked Ham BBQ

Our SpitfireZ smoked ham shaved thin and simmered in our sweet & spicy Coca-Cola ham bbq sauce.

Pig Wingz

A pork-cicle of sorts. 1/3lb deep fried pork shank seasoned with our house made SpitfireZ Salt.

Baby Back Ribs

Large meaty full racks of baby back ribs rubbed with our own delicious dry rib rub and left to marinate overnight. Slow roasted till the meat just comes off the bone and then seared and grilled on our charcoal grills. Cut in into 3-4 rib sections and dipped into your choice of SpitfireZ BBQ Sauce.