SpitfireZ Roast Beef

Whole sirloin beef knuckles trimmed of fat and spiked down with fresh sliced garlic cloves. Marinated overnight in a soy-Worcestershire-red pepper blend. Then roasted over charcoal and basted with our spicy mustard baste and sliced thin for sandwiches and all kinds of other dishes.

Hamburger - 1/3lb frozen

Pre-made homestyle 100% all beef burger patties. Seasoned with our SpitfireZ Salt while being grilled over charcoal.

Hamburger - 1/3lb butcher ground

The perfect burger blend of chuck and sirloin made up for us by our local butcher then lightly seasoned and handmade into 1/3lb burgers.

Hotdogs - Jumbo 6:1 or MONSTER 4:1

New York style 100% all beef Sabretts brand hot dogs grilled to perfection over charcoal.

Prime Rib

USDA Choice prime rib, pierced with garlic cloves, marinated and roasted over charcoal. Served with a Aus jus

Inside Top Round

Whole inside top round of roast beef stuffed with garlic and marinated in a our SpitfireZ Roast Beef marinade, spit roasted over charcoal and basted with our spicy mustard baste.

Buffalo Meatballs

Local butcher ground blend of chuck and bottom round beef hand mixed with our light spice blend, rolled and cooked off, then simmered in our house made Buffalo Sauce.