eLunch Program

What is eLunch?

No need to run out from work in a hurry to eat fast food that you really don't want, just because you are pressed for time. Order & pay for fresh, homemade, no processed food right from your desk or phone. Our weekly menu is changed so your eLunch experience is always fresh and new! Place your order via your workplace/companies simple online order form 12hrs in advance, and we deliver our homemade deliciousness right to you place of work the next day. Just bookmark the link to your form, or follow the link on the weekly reminder. That's it!

How to set-up a Weekly eLunch Delivery:

1. Please fill out the eLunch Set-Up Form and set-up a delivery day, time, and area in which we leave the weekly deliveries. We understand that sometimes people may get stuck at their desk and cannot make the delivery driver. This is why we have everything paid in advance so there is no need to exchange cash with the delivery driver.

2. We update the form/menu weekly on Sunday evenings. (sometimes Monday mornings depending on our catering weekend.) Everyone that has signed-up for the program will receive a weekly reminder letting them know that the new menu is released, along with a link directly to the order form.

3. Everyone places and pays for the order via the simple order form 12 hrs before the delivery day & time.

4. The orders are delivered at the designated area at the set time. All orders are packaged and labeled with neat printed labels to make the pick-up process as efficient as possible.

How orders are placed:

  1. Click & bookmark the order link: EXAMPLE MENU LINK (updated every Sunday)
  2. Select the food items you would like.
  3. Submit and pay for your order (Paypal) 12hrs. before your set-up delivery day.
  4. Orders will be delivered on your set-up date. (NO CASH)

It's that simple to have a great, fresh, real food lunch!

eLunch Set-up Form

Set-up a weekly delivery day and time with this form.