March 2019

Early Toddlers

The Early Toddlers have celebrated a lot of birthdays in March so we read some birthday stories like "Birthday Box." We have also been reading stories about our new season, Spring! We of course have to incorporate the itsy Bitsy Spider with the reading time!

2's Classes

Our library helpers read books to the 2's classes in early March. They were learning all about insects! I think their favorite book from this series was "Ten Little Caterpillars." It was a great book to show where all of the different butterflies come from. I received requests for "The Ants Go Marching On" to be done for a couple of classes as well!

3's Classes

The 3's classes have been learning about mammals so we took a look at some interesting mammals. I think they enjoyed "The Three Billy Goats Fluff" the most! They really interacted and laughed with this book. They also drew their own rabbits and bears to represent mammals.

Pre-K Classes

The Pre-K classes have continued to enjoy being able to choose some of the books that we read during story time. We also did some comparing and contrasting of nursery rhymes. They were able to listen to "Cindy Moo" and "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" nursery rhyme and look for some similarities and differences. In technology, they have focused on Google Drawing techniques. They have learned to insert a shape, as well as change the size, shape and color of that shape.


In library time, the kinder students have done some predicting of what they think will happen in a few choice books. One of the books they really enjoyed was "I Will Not Eat You."

During their technology time, they have been working in Google Drawings. We have focused on how to insert an image into a Google Drawing. This entails them typing, selecting, and resizing images to represent day and night.

1st Grade

First grade had two weeks of a more focused reading time. This allowed the students to use our library search program and select books of their choosing. We have recently started a Digital Book Report that will be done in Google Slides. The students have selected and read the books that they will use and we will begin putting book report ideas down on paper and Google Slides in the coming weeks.

2nd Grade

Second grade is also doing a Digital Book Report. It will be more in depth than the first grade. They have selected and read their books and started to write down some of the information for the report. They will create an 8 slide Google Slides presentation to complete their report in the coming weeks.

3rd Grade

Third grade thoroughly enjoyed the Book Tasting. Some of the students have already read some of the books on the Bluebonnet List! They were able to work on a Google Form that asked questions about what genres of books they enjoy and how often they are reading. They did a great job using the form! Third grade will be using a couple of weeks to research for their invention convention that is coming up.

4th Grade

It was an exciting sight to see how ready the fourth graders were for the Book Tasting! They couldn't wait to check out the books! We discussed as a class what Google program they are most interested in learning about and they chose Google Slides. They began a Google Slides project on the topic of endangered species. Each student has chosen an endangered species to research. They will take their research and make it into a presentation in Google Slides.

5th and 6th Grade

Fifth and sixth grade were the first group of students to be able to check out our books from the Book Tasting. Some were so excited to start on a book over Spring Break! They are now working on an ongoing project in Google Sheets and Google Drawing. They will be doing a class poll to gather information in Google Sheets and make a graph of the poll. They will then take this knowledge and make it into an elementary wide poll to develop charts and graphs.

Library Helpers

Emma and Addison Guy were librarians for the morning with the Teacher's Treasures Auction. They were so excited to go and read to the littles! They had muffins and hot chocolate and then picked out which books we would bring with us. They did great with the reading and helped in acting out some of the rhymes as well!

Book Tasting in Grades 2-6

Our 2nd through 6th grade students were able to get a "taste" of some of our new books in the library. We are excited to participate in the Texas Bluebonnet Program in the coming school year. The books that students were able to look at and now checkout are part of the program. If students read at least 5 of these books by January of 2020, they will be able to participate in voting for the best book on the list. These books would be great for summer reading! If you are interested in checking out the list, go to this website: .

New Library Seating

In an effort to make the library a more inviting and comfortable space for the students to read, we have purchased some furniture from Scholastic! We have been able to bring in balance chairs, bean bags, mushroom stools, and a bench as some flexible seating options for the students working on projects or reading a new book!

What are we looking forward to?

End of April: Summer Reading Program will be announced

May: Return of the books! Get those books back in to the library so we can do an inventory!