January 2019

Winter Storytime

This month has been all about winter and snow! The Early Toddlers, 2's, 3's and Pre-K have all enjoyed winter books. "The Mitten" and "The Hat,", both by Jan Brett, were some favorites that kept the kids laughing. Their favorite rhyme is actually our new opener! You can do this little rhyme with them and act it out with your hands. (They love the hide your hands part!)

"Hands up high, hands down low, hide your hands, where did they go?

One hand up, the other hand too, clap them, fold them, now we're through."

January 31 Open House Slideshow

Open House Slideshow 2019

Technology News


The kinder students were able to read through a book of their choosing and type their sight words in a Google Doc. They are getting quicker at logging in and being able to complete their typing practice!

1st Grade

First grade has been working in Google Slides. They have a Google Slides presentation of their vocabulary words from the first semester. They had to insert an image that represented each vocabulary word. They have worked formatting the pictures to best fit each slide.

2nd Grade Biographies

The second grade is in full swing preparing for their Biography museum. They chose another person to research in our class and turned in a Google doc with what that person had accomplished and what they learned from that person. Ask your 2nd grader who they researched, they found some great info!

3rd Grade

3rd grade is working hard on their Poetry Unit. We are collaborating with that by learning formatting in Google Docs. They are working on their Diamante poem. They will change the font, add pictures, adjust borders and decorate their poems for printing.

4th Grade

I was so "wowed" by 4th grade's excitement to create a Google Site together. They were allowed to choose the topic. They chose to each research a country with some given parameters. Here is their creation! I am very proud of them!

4th Grade Country Website

5th/6th Grade

5th and 6th grade are working on a creative challenge! They are creating if/then adventure stories with 2 other people in their class. Each story will provide the reader with options as they read to go on their own adventure! The entire story will be done on Google Slides with links to follow your own path. Ask your students to login to Google Classroom so you can check out their creative stories! The details are found on this website: If/Then Story Intro

What are We Looking Forward To?


  • We will be getting ALL of the 2019-2020 Bluebonnet Books in the library!
  • Emma and Addison Guy will be Librarian for a day!
  • Dr. Seuss Bookmark Challenge for 2nd-6th Grade

March 2: National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss' Birthday)

May: The Great Book Swap (More Info to come!)