Early Toddlers

The ET's class had so much fun learning about the zoo in February. They are making some excellent zoo animal sounds! Their favorite book was Eric Carle's " Head to Toe." They also made a sweet card for Mrs. Kathy, our library helper.

2's Classes

The 2's class blasted off to space with their "If You're Going to the Moon" rhyme. They liked it enough to do it 2 weeks! We also read some great Valentine's books and looked just a little at rocks through construction.

3's Classes

The 3's class already knew a lot of dinosaur names when they came to library time. Their favorite book was "When Dinosaurs Came with Everything." They thought it was so funny that the little boy kept getting a dinosaur everywhere he went!

Pre-K Classes

For library time, our Pre-K classes have really enjoyed picking the books that we read. They get so excited when their books get chosen and we read aloud the titles to all of their books.

For technology time, the students worked on "Pixel Art" in Google Sheets. This is a tough task! They have to click on a square and enter a number. These are very specific mouse skills that the students are working hard to achieve!


During library time, our kinder students have been working on finding their sight words as they look at the books they have chosen. We usually choose 2 or 3 books of theirs to read out loud in class.

During tech time, the students have worked so hard in Google Drawing! They worked on their snowmans for a few weeks because changing shapes and colors and resizing objects are all hard skills to master!

1st Grade

First grade used the library catalog system to search for books that they can use in their animal research projects. They are learning how to find their own books using a call number. They also used Google Drawing to create a valentine. They showed some really great skills in making shapes and adding text. We printed their valentines when they completed the project.

2nd Grade

Second grade worked on a brainstorming activity to develop their own stories with characters and problems to overcome. There are some very creative writers! Once they completed their stories, they were able to work a little bit on a website called Storyboard That. This website allowed their stories to come to life with backgrounds and characters put into a comic strip.

3rd Grade

Third graders stretched their creativity with developing three separate short stories. They had to develop three stories with characters, problems to solve, and an ending for each. They used Google Slides and Storyboard That to start to bring their stories to life!

4th Grade

4th Grade students used Google Forms to "choose kindness" this month. Each student filled out a Google form for each classmate to share positive things about each other. They received their anonymous responses Valentine's week. They also created a poster in the program "Canva" to display information that they have learned about types of energy.

5th and 6th Grade

5th and 6th grade are bringing their If/Then Adventure stories to a close. Our final week has been spent going through the stories on the interactive board as a class! So many creative stories have come from this activity! Ask your students to let you go through the story!

Read Across America Week

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Dr. Seuss' birthday is March 2 so schools around the country celebrate with Read Across America Day and Week. We were excited to participate by dressing up each day and showing off our Dr. Seuss spirit! All of the classes read Dr. Seuss books throughout the week during library time. Early Toddler through 6th grade students each decorated a bookmark to exchange with another student on Read Across America Day, Friday March 1.

"I Can Read With My Eyes Shut" Monday

2's Class Enjoying Lunch Outside

"Green Eggs and Ham" Tuesday

1st Grade All "Greened" Out

"Fox in Socks" Wednesday

Pre-K with Wacky Socks

"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" Thursday

5th/6th Grade in Red and Blue

What are we looking forward to?


  • March 1 Read Across America Day (Read with book buddies and exchange bookmarks)
  • Emma and Addison Guy will be librarian for a day on March 6
  • Book "Tasting" in Grades 2-6 to sample the new Bluebonnet books
  • All new flexible seating for reading time will be in our library! (Some pieces have already arrived)