April 2019

Early Toddler's

The Early Toddlers class spent the beginning of April learning about fruits and vegetables. They loved their fruit and veggie toys in class so we tried to use those with the books. We learned to curtsy (kind of!) and bow like princes and princesses for Fairy Tale week. We also read some favorites from the year for Story Book week. Of course, The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the all time favorite!

2's Classes

April is all about Spring! We read books in the 2's classes that talked about Spring, Easter, and rainbows. The 2's favorite things to talk about were bunnies and colors. I really liked reading the gardening books when we talked about Spring. The 2's liked watching a seed become a plant. Lola Plants a Garden was a favorite.

3's Classes

The 3's classes had several topics in April. We talked about Spring, Easter, and bugs! Naturally, bugs are the most interesting! They loved the book I Love Bugs! We talked about their favorite bugs. Majority of students love the caterpillars and butterflies! We closed out the Spring and Bugs classes with the Ants Go Marching One by One.

Pre-K Classes

During our Pre-K classes, we talked about this month's character trait of optimism. We read about Pete the Cat. He learned that optimism is all about the way that you choose look at a situation. During technology time, we focused on typing and finding letters on the keyboard. We did this through making a text box in Google Drawing, typing first and last names, and typing the alphabet in Google Docs. We are now working on Google Slides for the first time!


Kinder has been working hard on a free drawing in Google Drawing. We have worked on the basics of Google programs for a while now. They can now put a text box, insert shapes, pictures, and edit all of the above. I love the creativity that came with developing a picture. We also talked about our character trait of optimism for April. We talked about what it means to be optimistic and had a lesson from Pete the Cat.

1st Grade

First grade has been working on a Digital Book Report Project. They have worked really hard to comprehend their books and then put the information into their own words. They spent 2 weeks gathering information on paper. The next 2 weeks they have spent putting their written work into Google Slides. They have done a great job with this as it is a hard task at a younger level.

2nd Grade

Second grade has been working on a Digital Book Report. They have shown their creativity through the Google Slides presentations that they are developing. I am impressed with how they processed and gathered information on paper in order to begin their Google Slides. They are working to finish this project so that they can present in the class about what they have learned.

3rd Grade

The invention convention has taken over the 3rd grade! They filled out a Google Document to describe where their ideas came from and then described the ideas in detail as they were working on it. The following two weeks, they worked on designing their invention in Google Drawings. I am so impressed with their ideas and excited to see their projects come to life!

4th Grade

Fourth grade has worked hard all year so they were able to choose the type of project that we are working on for our final project. They chose to have a focus on animals and use Google Slides to make presentations. They have researched endangered species and made full presentations of data based on how long these species have been extinct and if we could play a role in getting them off of the endangered species list. They have done an excellent job with this presentation!

5th/6th Grade

Fifth and sixth grade had the opportunity to develop their own Google Form together. They had all students in first through sixth grade take the questionnaire. They learned how to take information from the Google Form and analyze charts and graphs that Google makes with the information. They will finish the year working on their Google Sites. Each student will have a site that is full of their work in Google Slides and Google Docs from the past years.

Book Return May 3

All books are due back to the library by Friday, May 3 for inventory. Letters will be sent home if their is a book that is checked out to your student that they are unable to find. Thank you for your help getting these books back to their homes on the shelves!

Summer Reading Bingo

Our summer reading program this year will be a fun game of Pacer Bingo! Each student will receive a Bingo card for this upcoming school level. They can choose to complete a line of tasks or they can do a full blackout board for prizes in August! I can't wait to see the pictures that are sent in of students reading in fun places this summer!

What are we looking forward to?

May 3: Book Return and Summer Reading Kickoff at Town Hall!

May 7-9: Last week of library and technology classes (Everyone will receive their Pacer Bingo card!)

May 14-23: Inventory in the library