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Common Questions

What payment methods do you offer?

PAYG customers pay at the point of delivery with a credit card. Bundle customers pay at the point of purchase and ad credits are added to their account.

If you are a Specle Colour subscriber you can either pay via Direct Debit or manual billing, but note that for manual billing, there is a £5 admin charge per invoice. Payment is taken on the 28th of the month, and includes the upcoming month's subscription and the previous month’s delivery of ads beyond the quota. Customers will receive an invoice for the upcoming month's subscription, which lists all ads delivered the previous month.

To sign up to pay via direct debit, please click here.

How long do ad credits remain valid?

Bundle ads can be used for up to 6 months. Specle Colour ads roll over for 12 months.

What are my options if there are errors on my ad?

If your ad fails the preflight check you can either call or email the Specle Support team for instructions, or upgrade to Specle Pro to have your ad amended by a Specle Operator. The charge for Specle Pro is £45, including delivery.

For minor amendments that can be performed automatically, the charge £5+VAT. When customers click on Upgrade, a pop-up will show whether Specle Pro or an automatic amendment is required. Customers can then choose if they want to proceed.

To purchase bundles of Specle Colour or Specle Pro delivery, please email us at or call us on 0207 871 3555.

Are there any additional charges?

​Some publications require delivery through a third-party system or gatekeeper service which incurs an additional charge. This is the case for INM Group (Irish Independent & Belfast Telegraph), as well as The Express Group. It is rare, but there are other publications operating similar services. We do indicate on the spec page when an ad needs to be delivered using a third party service, but, due to the complexity and variation in pricing, the pricing for third party services is not shown at the point of delivery.

What if I require a hard-copy proof?

​To print and deliver a hard-copy proof, Specle charges £25 + VAT, and £20 + VAT for delivery within the UK. International prices vary.

To request a hard-copy proof, or to get more information about international delivery, please contact

What does it mean that some publications are classified as regional?

Some publications are classified as regional on Specle, and there is a reduced price to deliver to these publications. The main publishers include Trinity Mirror Regional, Localworld, Newsquest, Archant and ?

The regional pricing is as follows:

As a Publisher, How Can I Set-Up My Own Ad Portal?

Publisher specs can be added to our database for free.

To discuss further portal branding, please email or call 0207 871 3555.

Why Are Some Ads Free to Deliver?

Pricing may vary for delivery to publishers with their own ad portals. Occasionally, the publisher will cover the cost of delivery and corrections. This is the case for the following publisher portals:

Office Hours: 9.30am - 6.30pm

Emergency On Call: 6.30pm - 9.30pm

0207 871 3555