World Languages

Annemarie Stoeckel, Supervisor

(908) 754-4620 Ext. 8234

Spanish is offered to all students in Grades K-8. Students in grades K through 4 receive Spanish instruction from a certified teacher once a week. In grades 5 and 6 students are offered Spanish instruction for one marking period while students in grades 7 and 8 receive instruction for one trimester. In addition, Spanish I is offered for a full year in grade 8 which enables those students to continue with Spanish II as a high school freshman.

The Department of World Languages at the high school offers sequential study in French, Spanish, and Italian, preparing students to explore and discover rich and vibrant cultures. Students who are beginning their study of a world language in high school have the choice of a basic exploratory or more rigorous college prep program. For students who already understand and speak Spanish, South Plainfield High School offers a two-year program for native speakers. These courses recognize the existing skills that native Spanish speakers bring to the classroom. In addition, Advanced Placement and Honors courses are available for Spanish.