Roosevelt Animal Biomes

View the video on different biomes. Search for information on your biome in the websites provided. Make sure to write information in the graphic organizer as you go. You will use this information to answer an essay question and create a digital project.

Biomes to choose from:

  • Tundra
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Desert
  • Wetlands
  • Ocean/Marine
  • Grassland

Here is a document to get you started:

Biomes Video:

Biomes Websites:

Kids Do Ecology

ETE Biomes

MBG Net Biomes

UCMP Biomes

Read-Aloud Articles and Books:

  • Library Online Catalog
    • Capstone
      1. click on Capstone on the top of the page.
      2. click on "Visual Search"
      3. click on "Science & Math"
      4. click on "Life Science & Animals"
      5. choose your book
  • Databases:
    • PebbleGo
      1. click on Pebble Go at the top right of the screen
      2. click on "Animals"
      3. click on "Animal Habitats"
      4. choose your biome
    • World Almanac for Kids
      1. choose the "topics" drop down tab
      2. select "biomes"
      3. choose the article that fits your topic
      4. User Name:sppsd Password: digital

Based on your notes complete this essay:

Final Project Options:

Digital Project Links:

Copyright free images:

  • Wikimedia Commons
    • click in search box in upper right and type the image you would like.

If there is extra time check out Switch Zoo Animal Games. Try to build a biome or build an online habitat!