Grade 6

Below are the websites we used in Math this year. Your child has a username and password for each website. We encourage you to have your child access these websites to practice math over the summer so as to keep their skills sharp in preparation for sixth grade math. Our sixth grade teachers would like all of the fifth grade students to work on skills involving: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions and decimals. Additional websites for practice are also included.

Websites used in class:

Pearson realize: user name: ____________________ password: ______________ Access to the student textbook and skill building games.

IXL: user name: ________________________@spboe password: ______________ Choose 5th grade skills L, M, N, H, I and J. If an answer is incorrect, IXL will show and explain the correct answer.

Additional websites:

  • Prodigy (follow prompts)

  • Math Playground

  • Math Games for Kids

  • ABCya