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Email Your Resume

If you prefer to Email, send your resume as an attachment to admin@spaythmanagement.com and in the subject line please enter "Resume" without the quotes followed by your full name.

The word "resume" in the subject triggers our system to save the attachment to our talent registration drive and by including your full name in the subject line the file will include your name.


Why Work for SPAYTH Management?

  • Financially rewarding: Our pay structure is best in class and we believe getting the money you have earned into your pocket as quickly as possible is important so we pay you each week for the work week just completed.
  • Professional Growth: We offered varied assignments where you can gain new experiences and we provide training and mentoring to improve your knowledge and skills.
  • Employee Friendly Practices: We are interested in building lifetime relationships with our team and our policies and practices are based on that goal.
  • Our Values: We believe in measuring our success by the success we help others achieve. So we actively seek to help our employees achieve a better life. More detail on our values is available here on our public website.

Why Register with SPAYTH Management?

  • By registering we can identify key aspects of your abilities to match against opportunities.
  • Registering is an efficient way to develop a marketing profile for you that we can share with our clients.

How can I get more help with registering or get answers to other questions?