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2018/2019 Builders Club Members

This year we again had an overwhelming amount of applications submitted to join our organization - Builders Club is beyond excited to see so many amazing students who truly want to have a positive and lasting impact on the world. We're humbled by the sheer volume of students interested in joining our ranks, and beyond impressed by the fantastic quality of the applications submitted.

Please know that this decision was not easy, and we wish that we were able to take everyone. This process was exceedingly difficult as we had an extremely high number of applicants this year and can only accept a fixed number. Please know that we greatly appreciate your desire to help your school and community, and hope that you continue to find ways to do so. We also encourage our seventh grade applicants to apply again next year. We want to encourage our eighth grade applicants to look into joining Key Club next year at the high school. Thank you all again for your time and interest.

Our 2018/2019 Builders Club members are:


Haylee G.

Cheyenne K.

Elyse P.

Cohen R.

Noah R.

Club Members:

Chloe B.

Nithin B.

Reese B.

Amory C.

Erin C.

Stephen C.

Lauren D.

Brianna D.

Camdyn F.

Ammal F.

Sophia H.

Lana H.

Lauren K.

Kelly K.

Sarah L.

Chase M.

Morgan P.

Natalie P.

Claire P.

Camryn R.

Giovanna R.

Sam R.

Zoey R.

Ella S.

Kaitlyn S.

Gurleen S.

Hayley W.


Builders Club is always looking for new opportunities to help our school, local, and global communities. If you have any suggestions for us please let us know!!!

Send any suggestions to Mrs. Heydt at