Welcome TO TREP$ at the Helen Morgan School!

The TREP$ Program teaches kids in 5th grade how to start their own businesses in 6-8 weeks. They learn the lessons in the 6 weekly after school workshops, and apply them at home as they build their business with the help of their families. The whole school community comes out to enjoy the TREP$ Marketplace, held at the Sparta Middle School, where the young entrepreneurs launch their businesses together. TREP$ is offered as after-school enrichment by the HMS PTO and is taught by Mrs. Morgan Bleakley & Mr. Matthew Grogaard.

Visit the offical TREP$ website to learn more about this award-winning program!

The TREP$ Workshops will teach business skills through innovative techniques that focus on filling a need, knowing your customer and product, being creative and inventive, and believing in yourself. The hands-on activities are led by volunteers and cover topics such as Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Handling Money.

This is a not a big commitment. The idea your child pursues can be as basic as a lemonade stand. We will help them with everything from brainstorming business ideas to pricing and display, however the products are created/obtained by your child outside of the scheduled workshops. It should be a fun activity where your children are learning through DOING, and having fun all the while.

2018 Important Dates:

  • 1/19/18 - TREP$ will be introduced to all 5th grade students

Registration will begin January 19th and remain open until January 26th.

  • Workshop #1 - 2/21/18 Entering Entrepreneurship
  • Workshop #2 - 2/28/18 Money Matters
  • Workshop #3 - 3/7/18 Marketing Magic
  • Workshop #4 - 3/14/18 Ad-Ventures in Advertising
  • Workshop #5 - 3/21/18 Successful Sales

Snow date for workshops - 3/28/18 (there will only be a workshop on this date if we need to cancel any of the above dates)

  • Marketplaces - 4/10/18 OR 4/11/18 (Due to the high number of participants, there are 2 nights of marketplaces. Your child will be assigned one of these nights to sell his or her products. Marketplace nights will be assigned once all business plans have been handed in, at workshop five.)
  • Final Workshop # 6 - 4/18/18 Reflect & Celebrate Successes

*** All workshops will begin immediately after school and will end at 5:15.

Pick up will be in the gym and parents are required to sign out their children after each workshop. Students will only be dismissed from the gym. Thank you in advance for your punctuality.

Volunteer Opportunities - Attendance, Dismissal and/or Small Business Mentors

First, we would like to thank you for considering to volunteer your time. We believe that TREP$ can be a great experience for students, and we thoroughly enjoy coordinating and teaching the program. Approximatley two-thirds of the fifth grade class traditionally participates in TREP$, which can make attendance and dismissal a challenge.

In order for the workshops to run smoothly and for the students to get the most out of our short time, it is helpful to have volunteers take care of attendance and dismissal procedures. Below is a description of your volunteer duties. If you are able to help please indicate so when completing your child's registration form. Thank you!

Workshop Dates: 2/21, 2/28, 3/7 , 3/14, 3/21 & 4/18

Attendance Volunteers: (Wednesdays, 3:25-3:45)

Your task: Arrive at HMS at 3:25, report to All-purpose room. Help distribute nametags on tables. Students will enter at 3:35, take their nametags and begin the workshop. Your job would be to collect any nametags that were left over, cross reference the names with the absentee list, and record absences on an attendance sheet. Once that is complete, we would ask you to let us know any student unaccounted for, and communicate this information to the main office. The process takes about 20 minutes total.

Dismissal Volunteers: (Thursdays, 5:00 – 5:25)

Your task: Arrive at HMS at 5:00, report to the all-purpose room to pick up the parent pick-up list. Two volunters will take the list to the annex gym, where parents will be instructed to pick up their children. There will be attendance sheets that parents/guardians need to initial before picking up their child, and you would oversee that process. The other half of the volunteers will be asked to monitor the hallways as the students are dismissed. Students will be dismissed from the all-purpose room to the annex gym beginning at 5:05, but they must first stop at their classroom to pick up their backpacks. Once all the children have left the all-purpose room, one of the teachers will meet you in the annex gym to wrap up. This process will take about 25 minutes.

Small Business Mentors: (3/7, 3:30-4:30)

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have experience running a small business? If so, please consider being a mentor to our young entrepreneurs. Your task would be to meet with a group of students on March 7th. Students will share their business plans with the group and you will provide feedback. Students will use the feedback they get from you and their group to develop the final draft of their business plans.

Thank you again for your support of the TREP$ program!

Payment & Registration:

Two Steps:

1. Use the button to the right to register your child for TREP$.

2. Print this form and include with payment.

TREP$ registration fee is $17.00 and covers the workbook for the course, materials for the workshop and table rental fee for the marketplace. All students must have a workbook and must rent a table to participate in TREP$. On the payment form you will find opportunities to purchase optional TREP$ gear for the Marketplace. Payments must be made before the first workshop. Thank you!