Tri-Semester Assessments

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As our instrument music students are still at an early state of development with their instruments, we feel that a skills assessment would better benefit our students rather than the traditional letter grade system.

Skills assessments

These assessments will be completed for the following areas:


  • Posture and body position
  • Hand and arm position
  • Embouchure/mouth position (woodwinds and brass)
  • Breathing and support (woodwinds and brass)
  • Sticking (percussion)
  • Articulation

Reading Music

  • Pitch Reading (note names)
  • Rhythm Reading
  • Music Elements (ie. signatures, tempo, articulations, dynamics)
  • Correct fingerings / positions (trombones) / sticking (percussion)

Personal Responsibility

  • Prepared with instrument and music
  • Individual practice sessions
  • Listens to and follows directions
  • Instrument Care

Ratings System

While assessments will receive a rating, it is strongly recommended to review comments placed with each assessment. These comments will include recommendations for improvement.

  • Assessment ratings will be based on the number system (similar to the new standards report cards).

"4" Student performs above grade level.

"3" Student performs at grade level.

"2" Student performs below grade level. Extra help is recommended.

"1" Student unable to perform tasks without teacher assistance. Extra help is recommended.

Where to find assessments

Assessments will be provided throughout each trimester for individual assignments (ie. song performance). There will be no final grade at the trimester's end; however, there will be an overview of your child's accomplishments in band in the Skills Assessments areas following the above rubric.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Mrs. Curtis