Music Technology

Great apps for your computer or device!

Please feel free to share apps that you enjoy with Mrs. Curtis.

Music Apps for Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • GarageBand - free with Mac Computers
    • Record yourself.
    • Create with loops of pre-recorded instruments.
  • Audacity - free for both PC and Mac users.
    • Similar to GarageBand
  • Finale NotePad– free
    • Compose your own music.
  • SmartMusic- $40 a year subscription
    • Library of thousands of songs that you can play along with.

Music Apps for iPad (many work with iPhone as well)

Music Writing

  • NotateMe Now – free - With fingertip or stylus, write in notes, which are then placed on printed staff above. Can compose for one instrument at a time.
  • NotateMe - $39.99 - With fingertip or stylus, write in notes, which are then placed on printed staff above. Can include multiple instruments.
  • GarageBand– Included with newer iPads.
    • Record yourself.
    • Create with loops of prerecorded instruments.

Flash Cards


Intonation / Metronomes

  • Pitch Perfect Visual Tuner - $1.99 – Shows the note you are playing on a staff, and whether or not it is in tune. Scroll down below for additional information.
  • Cleartune - $3.99 - tuner
  • Metronome – free – Keep steady beat with old fashioned metronome.
  • Pro Metronome – free – Keep steady beat, choosing accented beats.
  • Tempo Slow – free – metronome

Music Library

  • SmartMusic (Included with SmartMusic subscription)
  • forScore - $6.99 - Upload pdf’s of music to view on iPad.
  • Finale SongBook – free – Upload music created with Finale.

Music History

Miscellaneous Apps

  • Pandora – free – Create your own listening library.
  • Shazam – free - Identify recorded music.
  • Sketch-A-Song - $2.99 - Very cute for younger kids
  • bContext – free - Create and share whiteboard-style tutorials.
  • ShowMe – free - Create and share whiteboard-style tutorials.

Some of our experiences at HMS

SmartMusic A wonderful tool in both reading music and practicing is SmartMusic. This interactive on-line music database provides our students to opportunity to learn notation at their own pace, provide instant feed back, as well as create their own mp3's. We have an Educator subscription for our band program at school. Student subscriptions are available for at-home practice. To learn more about the benefits of SmartMusic, visit their site through this link.

Pitch Perfect Visual Tuner

Tuner App Our woodwind and brass lessons were introduced to our newest notes with the iPad/iPhone App "Pitch Perfect Visual Tuner". This app helped our musicians to visually see their note, and helped them to play it more accurately. I highly recommend this app for at-home practice sessions. Place a mirror on your stand next to your iPad or iPhone to check the embouchure (mouth position). Colin is demonstrating a great embouchure in the photo above. Elizabeth demonstrates how "Hot Cross Buns" appears on the app below.