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5th grade - Malaya Dobbs, Chloe Brawer, Christian Posada, Belle Cardoza

4th grade - Erin Duthaler,Shannon Lloyd, Mackenzie Mongon, Lea Tsamadias,

Olivia Schwartz, Tyler Conlee, Luke Jarosiewicz, and Emma Westervelt

****** Special Fiction Feature******

The Heart of Palmora

by Belle Cardoza

Perfect Pets

(By Mackenzie Mongon)

“Meow,Woof, Hisss!” Have you ever wondered, “What is the perfect pet for me?” It all depends on what kind of person you are. Perfect pets can be hard to find, but soon you will find the match that’s just right.

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Kindness Week

Written by Lea Tsamadias

Are You Up For the Challenge? Helen Morgan School has been challenged to be kind to other students. During a week in March all students were given a list of challenges to perform. For instance smile at 25 people, or bring a flower to the office staff. These are all kind deeds that will put a smile on someone’s face. The children were also were given the task of wearing different colors every day. This is the order:

Monday- White

Tuesday- Dress for Success

Wednesday- Pink

Thursday- Green


These colors symbolize cooperation and togetherness. Reporter Lea Tsamadias asked creator of Kindness Week, Karen Bath, some things about this special week. Mrs.Bath said, “I wish Kindness Week could be continued everyday.” Karen also said, “I started Kindness Week because we were doing Character Month and we started the Kindness Tree, so I thought it would be cool to make a whole week of being kind to others. You should also continue being kind for the rest of your life.” With this said I would like to say that Kindness Week is a fun and an interactive time for kids to be kind. Now again, Are You Up for The Challenge?