Sparta Vocal Music

Amber Nelson

Certified K-12 Vocal and Instrumental Music

Master of Music Education at Missouri State University

Core Beliefs about Music Education: Music affects everyone so you need to know something about it. Music learning should be mostly fun and games. Kids need to move to learn. Participating in Music is WAY BETTER than just listening to it. It also has emotional, academic, and societal benefits.

Proud Mom to 3 teen boys. Ages 19, 16, and 13. The oldest is in the Army, the middle one is an actor, and the youngest plans to be a chef. They all sing and play various instruments.

I'm 5'11." People always ask me so I thought I'd put it out there. My favorite song is whatever one I'm currently singing or conducting, I like to play sports.

Things I love: God, my kids, coffee, musicking, hanging out with friends, making people laugh, coffee (cream no sugar) playing sports, being active, coffee, theater, memes, and did I mention coffee?