BounceBack Program For Retakers

Can retakers from other review centers/self-review enroll to SPARK

  • Yes, any retakers from any year and any frequency of retakes can enroll at any review programs we have.

How much is the review for retakers?

  • Non-SPARK retakers = Php 8,800 (Live or DLP)
  • SPARK retakers, first-fail in 2017 = Free DLP or 50% of Live Class
  • SPARK retakers, failed last 2014/2015/2016 = 50% of any review program

I am a SPARK retaker. We have an Exam Pass Guarantee in our 2017 program. Are we free to review this 2018?

  • Yes you are free to have the DLP. If you wish to join the Live Class session, you need to pay 50% (Php 6,600) of the regular rates of the live review which is currently at Php 13,200. Note that this offer is for first-fail students of 2017 only. Multiple failures disqualifies students from Exam Pass Guarantee offerings.