BounceBack Program For Retakers

Can retakers from other review centers/self-review enroll to SPARK

  • Yes, any retakers from any year and any frequency of retakes can enroll at any review programs we have.

How much is the review for retakers?

  • Non-SPARK retakers = Php 8,800 (Live or DLP)
  • SPARK retakers, first-fail in 2017 = Free DLP or 50% of Live Class
  • SPARK retakers, failed last 2014/2015/2016 = 50% of any review program

I am a SPARK retaker. We have an Exam Pass Guarantee in our 2017 program. Are we free to review this 2018?

  • Yes you are free to have the DLP. If you wish to join the Live Class session, you need to pay 50% (Php 6,600) of the regular rates of the live review which is currently at Php 13,200. Note that this offer is for first-fail students of 2017 only. Multiple failures disqualifies students from Exam Pass Guarantee offerings.

Can retakers avail the early bird promo?

Technically yes, but you will only buy the needed GCs to fill the review fee needed. For example, if you are a non-spark student, you can buy GCs worth Php 8,000 to cover the Php 8,800 review fee. For SPARK retakers, if you will pay for 50% of the DLP (Php 4400), then you need to buy GCs worth Php 4,000 only while if you will pay for 50% of Live review (Php 6,600) then you need to buy GCs worth Php 6,000 only.

How do we enroll or buy GCs for enrollment?

Click the Enrollment Link in the menu above.