For Resident Students

Resident students are those who fully paid in the previous review program but did not took the board exam and have not failed any board exam.

Due to the complex scenario of students falling under this category, a rebate policy is provided:

  • Payment of 3K and below = Amount of payment
  • Payment of more than 3K = 3K + 50% of excess

For example:

  • Alden paid a 3K down payment but chose to do the review next season. His discount will be 3K.
  • Jason paid a 3K down and a second payment of 5K for a total of 8K. His discount will be 3K + (8000-3000)/2 = Php 5,500 is the discount
  • Mary paid a full amount of Php 11,500 but chose to take the exam next year. She wants to do a refresher. Her discount will be 3K + (11500-3000)/2 = Php 7,250 is the discount