What happened to your previous website?

There is a major upgrade that will be done to the website including the Student Page and Student Portal links. This is done to unify all web access and features of the portal. Students can now see their grades, make their payments, earn rewards points, access online videos and files, and keep all their records in one integrated portal.

What are your programs for 2018?

  • Career Development Program for Psychometricians (Live Class)
    • Saturday AND Sunday schedule (closed already)
    • MWF schedule (Enrollment until June 18, 2018)
  • Career Development Program for Psychometricians (Distance Learning)
  • Career Development Program for Psychologists (Distance Learning)
  • Enrollment for DLP is until July 15, 2018.

Where and when will the review be held?

Venue is at Philippine Social Science Center Auditorium, PSSCenter, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, 9am-5pm.

What are included in the Live Classroom programs for psychometricians?

  • 3 days lecture for each subject
  • Separate days for Sikolohiyang Pilipino, Psychological Research, Statistics, Ethics, and Professional conduct in Psychology
  • Separate days for Case Conferences
  • Quizzes at every sessions
  • ~6 mock exams
  • 4 days Live Grand Lecture Series towards the end of the review season
  • Review materials, handouts, scannable answer sheets
  • Online access to additional materials

What are included in the Distance Learning Programs?

  • Review materials, USB flash drive, handouts, scannable answer sheets
  • Online access to additional materials
  • Online access to recorded videos of all the sessions from Live Classroom
  • ~6 mock exams
  • 4 days Live Grand Lecture Series towards the end of the review season
  • Option to participate in Live Web Conferencing Review for free
  • So basically, DLP students are getting the same things and content compared to Live Classroom students

How long is the delivery of materials for DLP?

1-2 days for Metro Manila, 3-5 days for non-Metro Manila locations. We send materials when we receive and verify your full payment.

How much is the review?

Regular rates

  • Live Review = Php 13,200
  • DLP for psychometricians = Php 8,800
  • DLP for psychologists = Php 13,200

How do I enroll?

Enroll at https://sparkreviewcenter.com/enroll

Once enrolled, you may login at the Student Portal and order the course you want.

For a visual step-by-step guide on enrollment see https://sparkreviewcenter.com/assets/documents/course-enrollment-guide.pdf

Where is the Student Portal? I did not received any login information.

Login at https://sparkreviewcenter.com/login

I can't login because an error says "State Information Lost". What to do?

Close your browser completely and restart your device. It always solves the problem.

I can't login because the login says "Credentials not linked". What to do?

If you tried logging in using Gmail or Facebook, be sure that the email you used during registration at SPARK is the same email you are using with Gmail or FB. The "Credentials not linked." error appears when your Gmail/FB email is not the same as the email you registered with us.

In this case, you may only login using the email and password you registered with us.

I forgot my password. How do I login?

You can login using an "Email Link". Once chosen as the mode of authentication, we will send a login link to your email registered with us.

Password reset is not yet available as of the moment.

How do I pay?

Please follow the instructions from your invoice, available at the Student Portal.

For a visual step-by-step guide on how to pay see https://sparkreviewcenter.com/assets/documents/payments-guide.pdf

Is there a down payment or installment plans?

Down payment of Php 3,000 is enough to enlist you in a class. For Live Review, everyone needs to have full payment on or before June 30, 2018. For DLP, full-payment is required before we send the materials. Anyone may divide their payments in installments but their balance must be paid in full as stated above.

Do you accept credit cards? Debit cards?

Yes, we accept cards with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express logos, both credit and debit cards. See detailed instructions in your invoice on how to pay via card online.

I have a BDO deposit slip but the Student Portal keeps on rejecting it. Why?

Transactions made on weekends and holidays will only reflect on the next business day. BDO has the most inconsistent and delayed records. We still don't understand why bank transactions on weekends does not reflect in their database given that everything is digital. Since SPARK's verification system is dependent on BDO's transaction servers, hence the delay as well.

We highly advise everyone who will use BDO to pay within banking days. For weekends, we highly advise Cebuana Padala or M Lhuillier.

I did not received any payment confirmation despite paying online or via Cebuana or via BDO. What to do?

For BDO deposits, you need to enter the details to your invoice before the verification happens. For credit card payments, verification is real-time and instant. For Cebuana, M Lhuillier, and others, you may need to refresh the Student Portal and view your Invoice again to refresh the records.

I will pay using Cebuana or M Lhuillier. Who will be the recipient/reciever of payments?

The detailed instruction in the Invoice must be followed. The recipient is "Coins.ph" and there is a unique reference number for the transaction. We highly advise you to bring a copy of the invoice instructions during payment so mistakes will be avoided.

Coins.ph is a payment custodian of SPARK Academic Services and Jason Go. Coins.ph is authorized to receive payments on behalf of SPARK. The unique reference number serves as a trace for Coins.ph to identify your payment as coming from you.

Can I register and pay to your office?

No. All registrations and payments must be done in the Student Portal. Everyone is required to enroll online. Payment methods and instructions are provided in the invoice.

This has been the system since 2013. Our payments system is also monitored for BIR purposes.

How can I add my delivery address? Can I opt to pickup the package to LBC instead?

You may indicate your mailing address in the Student Portal, under Profiles Menu -> View Profile, then add address. You may also indicate the delivery mode as either door-to-door or pickup to LBC branch. You will indicate the nearest LBC branch if you opt to pickup the package.

Can I pickup the packages to your office?

No, all deliveries are managed systematically using the Student Portal and therefore the delivery dispatch is automated as well.

Regarding Early Bird Promo, do we need to buy in full or installments?

As long as you complete the GCs needed on or before January 15, 2018 then you qualify for the early bird promo. So yes you can buy some GCs first and complete it later.

I have not completed the GCs needed. Can I still use the GCs I bought?

Yes, the GCs have a bonus value so you still get 10% bonus value of the GCs you bought, regardless of whether you complete the early bird promo or not.

How many GCs can I buy?

You can buy as many GCs as you want. You can buy 1 GC, its ok.

Do you have other promos?

Our promo comes in the form of Gift Certificates we sell. It has a bonus value of 10% per GC as well as a chance to have a bonus gift (DSM-5 book, additional bonus value, or a free CPD seminar). This streamlines our discount offerings to students. You buy GCs, you get bonus value. That's the promo.

Affiliation promos are still in effect. Those who are members of the following institutions will automatically get a Php 500 discount (or if exceeded the allowable discount, will be credited as rewards points.)

  • PAP or PAPJA members
  • PSSP or Tatsulok members
  • Practicumers from Life Change Recovery Center
  • Practicumers from SPARK Research Institute

Do you have discounts for latin honors?

What we do with latin honor students is we convert their privilege into rewards points that can be accumulated and redeemed in exchange to other services and perks at SPARK. So if you are a cum laude, etc, then you have more rewards points to use for future discounts. But to initially enroll, everyone pays the same price.

Are rewards points considered discount? Are they useable during enrollment?

No, rewards points are earned due to your enrollment to a service from SPARK. You can use the rewards points on future programs and other perks.

How do I gain rewards points

  • Latin honors designation
  • Full payment in a review program
  • Attendance during review
  • Certain cutoff scores in exams and quizzes
  • Valid membership to PAP and PSSP during the 3 year term of your license
  • Other mechanisms set by SPARK

What services and perks can I use the rewards points?

  • Discount to CPD seminars and workshops
  • Discounts to SPARK merchandise

Do you have branches outside Metro Manila?

None at the moment. Those outside Metro Manila can avail our battle-tested Distance Learning Program. Same review program, professors, and content, with an option to watch the Live Class session in real-time via web conferencing.

Why don't you setup a branch to other locations? The other review centers are branching out to Spratleys already.

We value the consistency and quality of our review programs. Instead of expanding our branches, we expand the range of services and the quality of our review. It is detrimental to the program to employ different professors at different branches because the consistency of the lectures will not be maintained. We only employ professors that are top of the line, with ongoing academic and research track, and with real world experience. We don't hire lecturers that do not finish their masters, or have not worked extensively to garner the professional experience needed in teaching, nor lecturers that just got out of review centers as topnotchers.

Why is there NO live review for psychologists?

The number of enrolees we have for the live review for psychologists never got up since we offered the DLP for psychologists. Almost everyone opted for the DLP for psychologists. The team decided to dissolve the class early on and concentrated on improving the DLP modules for psychologists.