Read Everything Before You Proceed

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Please take note that we are updating our payment system to integrate Dragonpay payments as well as the updated voucher/GC codes. You can register now to validate your email and cellphone number. We will send the payment form later.

Enrollment Steps:

  • Step 1: Account Registration
  • Step 2: Email and Cellphone Validation
  • Step 3: Choose Your Course
  • Step 4: Payment or Use Voucher/GC Codes
  • Step 5: Receive Acceptance Letter


We strongly advise you to use the email address that you used with your previous enrollment. This will allow us to merge your records with your new registrations. Remember that retakers have discounts and the only way we can monitor is if you identify yourself with our previous records. Therefore, your email address will be our primary basis to identify you in our records. If you don't have access to your previous email, you can use the cellphone number you registered previously.