We incubate future professionals

Your skills and knowledge are few steps away from being a licensed professional. We support your efforts and maximise your potentials.

Our Achievements

Longest running review program for psychometricians and psychologists since 2013.

First and only Distance Learning Program for those who are working, busy, with family, or far from review centers.

Most comprehensive review program and methodology. Dedicated sessions for hard topics, learning needs assessment, case conferences, and a Grand Lecture towards the end all included for free.

Innovation in review materials that no other review centers are doing: offline and online videos, web access, detailed grade sheets, and comprehensive handouts.

Our Metrics

#1 Rank in topnotcher list in 2017

39 Topnotchers for Psychometricians

2 Topnotchers for Psychologists

11 Topnotchers coming from Distance Learning Program

55-90% Passing Rate range in most of the schools

Thousands of passers for psychometricians

Multiple local awards as Best Review Center

International distinction as cited by SuperBrands

Paradigm Shift from Review to Career Development

Starting 2018, we will use the term "review program" less as we focus more on career development. We aspire to create a program that will prepare future professionals to become successful in their careers holistically.

Programs for 2018

  • Career Development Program for Psychometricians (Live Class)
  • Career Development Program for Psychometricians (Distance Learning)
  • NEW: Career Development Program for Psychometricians (Live Web conferencing option)
  • Career Development Program for Psychologists (Live Class)
  • Career Development Program for Psychologists (Distance Learning)

We are preparing for your success in 2018!

Innovation from review materials, methodology, website access, and student management are some of the yearly enhancements we are doing since 2013. We are raising the bar of quality review for your next battle.

I want to enroll, what should I do?

Early bird enrollment - Nov 2017 to Jan 15, 2018

Regular rates enrollment - January 16, 2018 to April 2018

Early bird enrollment are bought via Gift Certificates worth Php 12,000 (Live) and Php 8,000 (DLP).

Regular rates for Live class programs are at Php 13,200 while Distance Learning Program (DLP) at Php 8,800.

We require full payment when orientation day starts on April 2018. Down payment of Php 3,000 are allowed. Exact dates of review are still to follow based on PRC schedule.

Buy your Early bird GCs at https://shopee.ph/sparkresearch. Aside from having big discounts, you have also a chance to win a bonus gift! See details below.

Only those with GCs will be emailed with an enrollment link form.

How To Enroll as an Early Bird student:

  1. Register and Buy your early bird GCs at https://shopee.ph/sparkresearch
  2. Live review students should buy GCs worth Php 12,000 while DLP students should buy GCs worth Php 8,000.
  3. We will deliver your GCs to your address for free!
  4. We will also send an enrollment form once we received your payments.
  5. You can buy some GCs (like 6pcs first) then complete them on or before January 15, 2018 to qualify for Early Bird Promo.
  6. The early bird GCs are nonrefundable but is transferable.
  7. You can also buy a couple of GCs just to get the discount and not aim for the early bird. For example, you just want Php 2,000 worth of GC to avail the bonus Php 200 value. So during regular enrollment period, you have Php 2,200 already!

If you are ready to enroll, just visit https://shopee.ph/sparkresearch

And follow the instructions above.