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St Paul the Apostle School Digital Showcase

Our SPAtacular Showcase of Learning

On two nights 14 and 15 August 2019, Our SPA-TACULAR Showcase of Learning Production showcased our talented children and in particular, their learning from their Inquiries, as identified by the children on each Year Level. They were given the opportunity to co-write the scripts, decide on the music and choreography and to create their own design briefs for the costuming, props and added extras. The linking acts aimed to creatively highlight what makes SPA Doreen uniquely different to other schools, namely our Cultures of Thinking which was embedded in each act.

Our Strange Visitors.mp4

On the 7 November 2018 our Junior and Prep classes had some strange visitors.

Can you help explain what is happening? It's certainly so strange to have this happen at a school.

We need some investigators. Who can draw a picture or a diagram or a map that explains what is happening? Mr Fabri would really love to hear from you.

Is our future really a 'World Made of Glass?' Watch the video carefully and see how many connections you can make with the technology of today. Show Mum and Dad this video and see what they think.