Digital Citizenship

At St Paul the Apostle School, Doreen we entrust all our students to use all school technology responsibly and for the purposes of education. Our Digital Passport is a User Code of Conduct outlining the safe and responsible use of all devices / technology. All students acknowledge by signing the passport that they will use the internet and all school technology thoughtfully and responsibly. Parents are also asked to sign the passport to acknowledge this agreement.

Prep and Junior Digital Passport
Senior Digital Passport 2018

Prep and Junior Digital Passport

Senior Digital Passport

2018 SPA Digital Citizenship

Our introductory session presented on the 18 September 2018 aims to highlight the importance of a Family School Partnership in helping our students in becoming cybersafe.

Be Internet Awesome - What does this mean? Research Digital Safety and Citizenship by Playing Interland.

Your Task is to play through Interland. Interland has 4 Kingdoms to explore

  • Mindful Mountain - share with care
  • Reality River - don't fall for the fake
  • Kind Kingdom - It's cool to be kind
  • Tower of Treasure - secure your secrets

Create a slideshow and prepare a slide for each kingdom after you have played through it. Each slide needs to show what you're learnt from playing the game. Include pictures or diagrams to create a reflection of learning.

For Our Juniors and Preps

Staying Safe Online

What does this mean?

Talk to Mum and Dad about this question.

What do you think?