Technology Integration & Communication


My school subscribes to an app called Seesaw, a digital online portfolio that is student-driven that keeps families involved on the activities of the students. As a music teacher, I am able to communicate with families what is happening in my classroom and even send videos of live music that we create. It is also a savvy organizational tool to keep track of students' skills and assessments that are in alignment with the criteria of our rubric. Below are some samples of news I regularly post for the families in my community.

Monthly Newsletters and Blogs

All homeroom teachers and specialist teachers communicate with families with current information about their programs in our monthly newsletter. This is a way for me to communicate when performances happen, and special events such as days for sharing music from lessons and from home.

Email/Phone/PRogress reports/In person

In addition to being available by email and phone, parent-teacher conferences also happen three times each year. This is an opportunity for parents to discuss their trimester progress reports or ask about their child's musical enrichment and ways they might like to support their development.