Professional Development & Leadership

I strongly believe in continual professional growth to renew and inspire what bring to my classroom, and to keep me up to date in best practices in my field. There are several channels of professional development I participate in on a regular basis, and I have presented workshops in conjunction with my local chapter.

The American Orff Schulwerk Association National Conference consistently offers an outstanding range of local to international presenters who share their knowledge and expertise in the Orff approach. As a conference attendee at the AOSA since 2004, the conference, it is a crucial way for Orff educators from around the country to connect and network. Our sessions filled with singing, dancing and playing are much closer a family reunion because of something we all share as Orff teachers: sharpening our skills as practitioners so we can bring the best to our students and our own communities.

November 10-14, 2004. Long Beach, CA – Rhythms of Life, Oceans of VoicesNovember 8-11, 2006. Omaha, NE—Seeds of Discovery: A Great Plains HarvestNovember 14-17, 2007. San Jose, CA—The Art of PlayNovember 12-15, 2008. Charlotte, NC—Patschwerk of PossibilitiesNovember 11-14, 2009. Milwaukee, WI—Great Lakes, Great TraditionsNovember 3-6, 2010. Spokane, WA—Rhythms of the River, Flowing from the SourceNovember 9-12, 2011. Pittsburgh, PA– Neighbors in Harmony Creating ConnectionsNovember 14-17, 2012. St. Louis, MO– Gateway to ExplorationNovember 13-16, 2013. Denver, CO—Rocky Mountain RendezvousNovember 5-8, 2014. Nashville, TN—Music City MontageNovember 11-14, 2015. San Diego, CA – Waves of LearningNovember 2-5, 2016. Atlantic City, NJ– Sailing the Seven C’sNovember 8-11, 2017. Fort Worth, TX– Where the Trail Begins…November 7-10, 2018. Cincinnati, OH– 50th Anniversary Celebration

Since 2005, I have been volunteering to serve for my local Orff Schulwerk chapter, MN Orff. I have had several roles of leadership during my time on the board including secretary, program chair, vice president and president. Our goals are to sustain and support the music teacher community in both their professional development and their personal and artistic growth. We promote the understanding and use of Orff Schulwerk principles in providing active, expressive, and creative musical experience for all learners.

Local opportunities for professional development happen every year in February for the Minnesota Music Educators Association's Midwinter Clinic. Below is a list of topics I have presented with my local chapter, MN Orff:

  • February 18, 2017 MMEA Mid-Winter Clinic, Minneapolis Convention Center - "Ideas About Pennies, Part II; A New Twist on Lucy Locket for Your 1st Graders"
  • February 16, 2013 MMEA Mid-Winter Clinic, Hilton Hotel, Minneapolis - "Connecting With Your School's Character Traits Through Music"
  • January, 2009 MMEA Mid-Winter Clinic, Minneapolis Convention Center - "Creating Movement and Music Ideas for Chinese New Year"
  • February 2005 Chapter Sharing, Brady Hall, UST

Music Workshop Leader, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) July 2007

  • Directed musical portion of summer enrichment program, Girls Rock, for girls ages 9-14
  • Girls Rock is a summer enrichment camp to support girls in recognizing their artistic power in creating, exploration and experimentation. To read more about the ways Girls Rock support young women in the arts, this article talks about exploring art through fashion.