All-school Assemblies

All-school assemblies take place in the auditorium at the beginning and end of each week, on Monday and Friday mornings. Assemblies, which are lead by a 5th grade emcee, bring together all Lower School students, faculty, staff, and often parents for school updates and announcements. A very special part of assemblies is the tradition of singing and making music together as an entire student body, and as part of the music faculty, my responsibilities are to provide the musical nourishment of song, rhythm and artistic expression as a community to start or end our week.

Assemblies are also a place to showcase what the children are learning in their classes, and music is no exception. I plan regular times throughout the year to feature my students in combined musical performances and class plays enjoyed by the entire school. Since assemblies happen regularly, it is a wonderful way for children to feel comfortable sharing their work on stage, and as a result, the experience is more relaxed and less prone to anxiety. So many of my students excitedly embrace their chance to be featured on the stage with their class...

...and the adults don't mind having a little fun along with the children, too.