3rd Grade

Music and Movement: Third Grade

scroll down to see a compilation of 3rd grade music from my classroom


  • Continue to develop beat competency through singing, speech, movement, body percussion, and instrument playing in a variety of tempi and styles
  • Explore, improvise, read, compose, identify, and perform in the meters of 3/4
  • Explore, improvise, read, compose, and perform the rhythmic value of: dotted half notes


  • Review the pentatonic scale and explore pentatonic modes
  • Transpose the pentatonic scale to F and G
  • Read and write in traditional musical notation on a 5-line staff
  • Explore, improvise, read, and perform the notes: C’, A, D’, G on the soprano recorder


  • Perform single moving chord drones and single moving broken drones as accompaniment patterns
  • Explore and perform bass ostinati using chord roots



  • Perform speech, songs and instrumental pieces in 3-parts
  • Perform 2 and 3-part canons


  • Perform and identify four bar phrases in the meters of 2/4, 4/4, and 3/4