1st Grade

Music and Movement: First Grade


  • Identify and express an accurate steady beat in speech, movement, singing, and playing instruments
  • Explore, improvise, and perform rhythms and identify rhythm as being different from the beat
  • Explore, improvise, read, compose, identify, and perform the rhythmic values of quarter note (walk), eighth notes (running), and quarter rest
  • Experience music in duple and triple meter
  • Begin to explore traditional rhythmic notation


  • Continue to practice vocal pitch mating as individuals and in a group
  • Explore and identify melodic patterns: sol-mi, sol-mi-la through singing, playing, and reading/notating on a 2-line staff
  • Develop a repertoire of pentatonic folk songs
  • Explore the C pentatonic scale (c, d, e, g, a) on mallet percussion instruments through melodic playing and improvising


  • Perform and understand a simple chord drone and simple broken drone accompaniment in C pentatonic
  • Sing or speak while playing a simple drone accompaniment



  • Combine elements of rhythm and pitch through singing, moving, and playing
  • Explore and identify crescendo and decrescendo, mezzo piano and mezzo forte
  • Perform vocal or instrumental melodies with one accompaniment part


  • Identify patterns in music as “same” and “different”
  • Create, identify, and perform pattern in music through the use of the repeat symbol