Science 8


Science 8 is an introduction to a wide range of physical science concepts. The curriculum immerses students in the skills and practices of being a scientist and engineer through daily lab work and communicating their results in writing. The broad base of transferrable lab skills, physical science, and chemistry content introduced in the first trimester allows students to master the content related to the characteristic properties of matter while becoming confident scientists in the lab. The first four units culminate in an investigative project called SLUDGE, where students will employ their lab procedures and deductive reasoning to identify a range of mystery substances. Their experiences working in groups and problem-solving in the first and second trimester will continue with the atomic structure, the periodic table, electricity, and electromagnetism. These concepts will link back and inform what they learned about in the first part of the course. The year comes to a conclusion with an engineering challenge where students are asked to extend their learning with an electronics-focused project.


Mrs. Browne Mrs. Overgaard Mr. Palombo

2153, 8th Grade Commons Room 2153 or 2353 Room 2153, 8th Grade Commons

VM: 651.696.1453 VM: 651.696.1468 VM: 651.696.1443


Observation and Inference, Properties of Matter, Separation of Mixtures, Conservation of Mass, Physical and Chemical Changes, Compounds and Elements, The Periodic Table, Electricity and Energy.


Physical iScience Glencoe, McGraw – Hill Companies, 2012


Bring your lab notebook, pencil, science binder, and calculator to every class.

Approach to Learning

Be prepared to take notes during class discussions, to contribute with responses and questions, and to participate in lab activities in a safe and cooperative manner. Sometimes, we will explore the what of science by carefully and patiently exploring an idea or concept, and other times, we will explore the how of science by following specific instructions for a lab set-up or a problem solution. Laboratory work is an integral part of the story line of the course; it is important to use your lab time as learning time.


Check the whiteboard in the classroom to stay informed about your assignments. Assignments are posted on Veracross and the assignments may also be posted in Google Classroom.

Extra Help

Extra help is available during class and quiet study periods. Extra help is also available before or after school by appointment. Please email or talk to your teacher about setting up an appointment.

Lab Safety

Be sure to follow all safety precautions, including consistently wearing safety goggles during every laboratory activity. You are to complete, sign, have your parents sign, and return your light blue colored safety contract

Absences, Assignments, Assessments

Absences do happen and it is important to promptly communicate with your teacher about any class that you will miss. Generally, your assignment due date or test date can be delayed by the number of days you are absent.

Extra Time on Assessments

Extra time on assessments, for those with approval for this, is available and will be provided after the regular end-time of the assessment or during quiet study.

Academic Honesty

Of course, you are encouraged to work collaboratively with your classmates on small assignments and to ask your teacher for help. However, be sure that the work that you ultimately turn in reflects your own thinking and understanding. On larger projects and written reports, be sure that all writing is your own.