Yorkers Club

Be a Yorker. See the World.

Yorkers Club is South Seneca High School's international travel club. Each spring the students vote on the destination for the following year. Students from other area schools are also welcome to travel with us.

Yorkers Club Educational Goals

The Yorkers Club mission is to break down the barriers that exist between cultures today and to help make a student not just an American, but also a Global Citizen. We do this by education through travel and cultural exchanges. We believe that one of the best ways that a student can learn is by firsthand experience. For many of the Club members, it is their 1st time traveling without their parents. Because of this, students appreciate the benefits of world travel which fosters independence and responsibility.

Students will demonstrate awareness for the world, themselves and other cultures by beginning to understand and experience different beliefs, ways of living and other value systems. Students will increase their understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity on this planet. Political, economic, religious, and cultural perspectives will be enriched through firsthand experience linked with what students have studied in various history, economics, government, foreign language and art classes.

Crossing culture is not easy and for students to be able to see and experience another culture is a great learning tool. Traveling with Yorkers Club will help them to respect and understand the differences in other people’s ways of living.

Students will connect their classroom to the world by using NYS learning standards.