This is my 5th year at South Seneca High School and my 22nd year of teaching. I started my career in 1997 teaching Course I (Algebra) and Course II (Geometry). Through the last 21 years the state has altered the mathematics curriculum to include more word problems through the application of algebraic, trigonometric and geometric concepts in real-life situations. It is my goal to make sure that students become fluent in their mathematics so we can build life-long learners in mathematics.

My email is mputnam@southseneca.org

Availability: A/C Days (Periods 6,9, and 10) , B/D Days (Periods 1, 2 and 7)

Learning Lab: A/C Days (7th Period)

Google Classroom codes:

  • Alternative Algebra I - p266ip4
  • Honors Geometry Period 3/4 - 7f4ht4p
  • Geometry Period 3/4 - kq5msf
  • Geometry Period 6/7 - n3btk9s
  • Algebra II Period 6/7 - phg7b1
  • Algebra II Period 9/10 - w1ytasg