Informative and accessible writing has been the backbone of my work for the past three years and I've reached large audiences across the educational, scientific and financial sectors. Outside of work, my interest in the craft has allowed me to develop an understanding of how to engage a reader with powerful prose and a strong narrative.

While working as a TV editor, I learned how to create a compelling story by working one on one with experienced producers. I've also been readily able to adapt my content to suit legal, academic and stylistic requirements. I'm passionate about proofreading and have specialised in rapidly and accurately correcting texts, even under tight time constraints.

"Changes sweeping through the world of FinTech are opening up incredible opportunities for consumers and startups. The future of banking is nearly here and the excitement was palpable at parliament on 28th June. Leading lights from the rapidly-growing world of finance technology came together in Westminster to discuss the coming year at the Innovate Finance Summer Reception."


"VirĂ¡g is a stranger to me; one whose story I have fleetingly glimpsed via a mutual friend on Facebook. Every so often her posts reached my newsfeed and, like many people on the edge of our social circles, I picked up an incomplete picture of her life. There was the romance, the engagement, the happy baby, the smiling, strong and weary mother, the proud father, but then, a subtle change."

The Human Story

"The real infinities are not in the supernovae and the stars, but in the collisions of life on Earth. Possibilities hang between us like dust in a sunbeam. But all we can do is look up."


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