There's a whole world of technical and creative work which goes on after a TV programme is filmed, to make it into the final product. This process is called 'post-production' and I cut my teeth in TV working in 'post' as an edit assistant and, later, an editor. Five years of experience meant I was also able to get professional mentoring in filming, sound recording and promoting content online. These skills have become essential tools in marketing, where I have been able to quickly produce professional-looking films on a tight budget.

Educational Finance Advertorials

This informative content for the price comparison website Choose Wisely is designed to educate and engage viewers unfamiliar with the brand. The videos have been produced fortnightly, with a turnaround time of a few days. With over 100,000 views in a matter of months, this content reached a wide audience, reinforcing the image of a company which provides unbiased, factual and ethical information.

(Writer, Cameraman, Director & Editor)

Year Seven Admissions Promo

An independent school was looking for a series of personalised videos which would be sent to each prospective student. The brief was to inspire and inform children and parents about the friendly atmosphere and diverse range of activities available. Over 50 personalised videos were produced within a matter of days - this sample uses Marilyn Monroe as a placeholder in lieu of a prospective student's name.

(Cameraman, Co-Director & Editor)

Legend of Loch Ness - River Monsters

In 2012, I travelled to Norway with the River Monsterscrew, to film the capture and release of a Greenland Shark. The presenter, Jeremy, along with the sound man, cameraman, producer and assistant producer would set off on their fishing boat during the day. This left me on land to pick up shots of the crew at work, alongside general views and timelapses of the area. This film showcases nearly all of my shots which made it into the final, two hour episode.