TBIL Resource Library

A key milestone of this project is the production of our TBIL Resource Library, featuring all the materials an instructor would need to support their implementation in a particular course. Each section is aligned with a specific learning outcome for the course, so you can easily find which sections align with your syllabus, and identify appropriate exercises from our provided randomized bank.

No payments or logins required!

All instructors and students of mathematics are invited to freely use the materials linked below without need for any approval or registration. 

However, if you do choose to use any of these materials to facilitate your course instruction, we'd appreciate you letting us know by completing this short survey.

Calculus (single-variable)

Linear Algebra

Free and Open Source

All materials for this library are open-sourced on GitHub and licensed for free use by mathematics educators.


The TBIL Resource Library is built upon the following tools and platforms.

Affiliated Resources