introducing dr. sarahlloyd...

she's officially a doctor!

even though it was official in the fall,
it's that time to celebrate what WE did together!

it's true. i went to the classes,
read the articles & wrote the papers...
it was a community effort.
and i certainly wouldn't be here without YOU.


want to celebrate with me?!

click the links below to get more information about ways to join in on the festivities!

want to watch (and re-watch) the ceremony!?
the link will take you right to the magic moment.
if you want to watch the entire do you!

no shame if you enjoy the pomp AND the circumstance. 

record your real-time reactions & share them with me!
tag me at @thesarahlloyd & use the hashtag below!


i am introverted AF. AND. WE gotta celebrate! 

if you want to join us, click the link above &
put "party" in the title to stay in the know!


it was a labor of love, for sure.
some of you might rather watch paint dry...

i get it. totally. it's LITERALLY a whole ass book.
if you DO want to check it out though, i got you.


share whatever is on your heart on a shared virtual card that will last FOREVER!! 

it's okay if you need a've got time! please submit your words by the end of may!


if you're a gift giver, and you want to show some love
while keeping it EASY...i got you covered!
no need to shop, wrap, ship, or find time to meet up!

just decide what you probably would have done & then send love via venmo. see?? you KNOW i got you!

here are a few ideas to get you inspired:
dollar store treasure: $1.25
thoughtful card: $5
you better get it girl! coffee: $7
hilarious coffee mug: $15
cheers with beers: $20
inspirational book: $25
beautiful bouquet of flowers: $40
celebratory dinner: $50
celebratory dinner with the fam: $200
family photoshoot: $450
weekend getaway for the good doctor: $500
year of relaxing massages: $1,000
family cruise to the bahamas: $2,500
family trip to disney: $5,000
family trip to africa: $12,500
can-am spyder f3: $20,000
down payment on first home: $25,000
brand-new 2023 prius: $30,000
college fund for all three kids: a nice cool million would probably work...

see?! ALL KINDS of options.

seriously tho...

to my community, near and far:
from the bottom of my heart...thank you

i seriously could have never done this without you.
and i certainly wouldn't have wanted to try...

you gave me strength when i thought i couldn't go on, and kept me laser-focused on my why. 

you cheered me on with genuine enthusiasm and love, and gave me gift of community in my darkest moments.

most of all, you supported me to bring my childhood dream to life WHILE showing my girls what's possible.

i will never be able to thank you enough. ever. 

AND. i'll spend each day living out the legacy of radical abundance that we've built here. together.

with radical love,
dr. sarahlloyd