Meet Adrian V.J Sossna

MBA & Published with Ivey / Harvard Business Press. 7 Years in executive management / business development for the AI, IoT, Healthcare, Automotive and Cybersecurity fields across the US, European and Asian Markets. Forbes Communications Council Member, 4YFN/United Nations Development  Programme Mentor. Frequent speaker on the topic of innovation & how to create synergies between start-ups and large corporates / academia at conferences & events.

Currently VP of Global Sales at HACARUS, based in Shirahama/Kyoto, Japan.

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: Doshisha University (Japan), Yonsei University (South Korea), Fudan University (PRC), Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR) and University of Gothenburg (Sweden).

I enjoy running, collecting vintage watches and spending time with my two kaninchen Dachshunds. 

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