1:1 Chromebook Initiative

1:1 Technology Initiative

The goal of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative at Star of the Sea Catholic School is to provide the technology tools and resources necessary to create a collaborative learning environment which will empower our grade 5-8 students the opportunities to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for higher education and future careers.

Star of the Sea Catholic School first began planning for our 1:1 initiative three years ago with two mobile Chromebook carts shared between students in grades 3-8. After seeing the success of this first phase use, it became apparent that the best way to continue forward was to provide equitable opportunities to each student in grades 5-8 with their own Chromebook. Students in grades 5-8 will take possession of their own Chromebook at the start of the 2018-2019 school year; allowing them to learn at any time and any place. Each consecutive school year students in grade 5 will receive a chromebook. Students in grades 2-4 will continue to use the shared mobile Chromebook carts.

Effective teaching and learning with Chromebooks integrates technology throughout the educational curricula anytime and anywhere. This initiative will help enable our teachers to model learning strategies and allow individual learners to approach tasks in different ways using different strategies. While technology facilitates deep exploration and integration of information, high-level thinking, and profound engagement by allowing students to design, explore, experiment, access information, and develop a stronger knowledge base; it does not diminish the vital role of the teacher. Technology immersion transforms the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator and guide to help students embrace 21st century learning.

To ensure 21st century readiness for our students; Star of the Sea Catholic School is focused upon developing communication, collaboration, creative, and critical-thinking skills in addition to the students’ core content knowledge. The school technology team will establish collaborative professional learning communities, based upon integrative professional development for teachers. This endeavor will enhance the classroom environment by implementing high-quality instruction, assessment and learning through the integration of technology and curriculum.

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond, administration, staff and community members will all play a key role in the development of effective and high quality educational experiences. The policies, procedures, and information within this document apply to all Chromebooks and other technology-able devices used at Star of the Sea Catholic School* and come under this policy.

*Teachers may set additional requirements for use in their classroom.

How will this technology enhance learning?

Star of the Sea Catholic School uses GSuite (formerly Google Apps for Education). The integration of Chromebooks and Google Apps makes for a seamless transition to student resources.

They start up in seven seconds and run the Chrome browser. All files and apps are stored in the cloud, so they are available anywhere you have an Internet connection. Many of the Chrome apps work without a network connection as well. Teachers will have many tools at their fingertips to help create lessons, assignments and make sure students are fully engaged at all times.

Integrating Chromebook technology will . . .

  • provide teachers and students with a valuable means for formative assessment to help differentiate and personalize instruction, creative summative assessments and project and inquiry-based learning opportunities
  • help improve student enthusiasm towards learning, making students actively engaged in their classes and taking ownership in their learning
  • help our students continue to be effective, digitally literate 21st Century Learners who use the four C’s (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking) to be global citizens
  • promote increased student writing and production, enabling them to peer edit easily and more constructively, as well as globally. The focus on writing will become more of a crucial method for sharing information or telling stories. This technology allows students to share their writing with vast and different audiences if they choose.
  • allow the phasing out of some textbook purchases and replace these with online, interactive textbooks and real-world, educational resources
  • help prepare our students to thrive in a constantly evolving technical landscape by achieving ISTE's National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETS):
      • Empowered Learner
      • Digital Citizen
      • Knowledge Constructor
      • Innovative Designer
      • Computational Thinker
      • Creative Communicator
      • Global Collaborator

Once a school goes to a 1:1 technology model, access to technology is no longer optional. The school has been planning for some time to convert to more and more digital curriculum and books in an effort to lighten the load in student backpacks, provide more up-to-date curriculum resources and get rid of paper whenever possible. We can’t accomplish those goals as long as technology is optional to students, so it is imperative that every student have and use a Chromebook. For a list of 10 reasons your child should use technology as part of their classes, take a look at the following article:

Ten Reasons Why Your Students NEED Technology in the Classroom