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Welcome to SorokaSoft India Private Limited

What's New @ SorokaSoft ?

SorokaSoft, through its Systems & Solutions neXt Initiative, is offering various products and services.

A host of new offerings were announced on SorokaSoft's 22nd Anniversary on 09 Jan 2020, and several of them are already market-ready.

Transformed Entity : Sys 'n' Sol neXt [ ]

The transformation to "Employee Less & No-Self-Managed-Work-Space" has indeed been a fantastic journey (2006-2020).

SorokaSoft is happy to talk in detail, through various methodologies of engagement, about its involvement in "Interleaved and Interweaved Symbiotic Eco-System Fabric" it co-created with "Academia, Not-for-Profits and Several Nano-Femto-Sub-Micro Business Entities".

SorokaSoft is promoted, operated and maintained by its Co-Owners / Entrepreneurs / Business leaders and NOT by Employees or recruited Executives.

We have Zero (typical) Employees and Zero Self-Managed-Works-Offices.

For More details kindly refer Eco-System Tab / Menu