6. Gases

  1. Kinetic Molecular Theory (click here for text pages)
  2. Ideal Gas Law Equation (click here for text pages)
  3. States of Matter (click here for text pages)

1. Question

    1. What are you curious about?
    2. Invent Script for clip here. Click here for actual script.
Crisp Clip (Edited) .mp4

2. Explore

    1. Demo: Cup and Cardboard
    2. Presentations: Click here for slides.
    3. Videos: See below
    4. Demo: Boiling Water on Moon/Artemis reading.
    5. Lab: Alka-Seltzer Lab and Presentations. Click here for slides. [p]

3. Lesson

    1. Demo: Drinking Bird.
    2. Notes: Kinetic Molecular Theory & Ideal Gas Law Demo Derivation
      • Car Airbag Videos: Click here and here.
      • Vacuum Coffee Videos: Click here and here.
    3. Video: Click here (as walk in)
    4. Demo: Egg Push (TBD)
    5. Notebook Quiz: Click here.
    6. Practice Problems: Complete all.

4. Apply

    1. HW Review/HW Quiz: Click here.
    2. Lab: Ideal Gas Boxes. Click here for slides. (*)
      1. Egg Push Demo
      2. Complete Boxes
      3. Two Stacks: 1) V vs. P, 2) V vs. T.
      4. Ramsey in Cassidy's room (come get me).

5. Group Quiz (randomized)

    1. Warm Up: Molar Mass of Butane Gas. (*)
    2. Group Quiz: Click here (~ 15 minutes)
    3. Group Quiz Check: Click here.
      1. Solve each problem.
      2. Quickly study each video. Make adjustments.
      3. Turn in.