4. CovalenT

  1. Lewis Structures (click here for text pages)
  2. Molecular Geometry (click here for text pages)
  3. Organic Chemistry (click here for text pages)

1. Question

    • What are you curious about?

Reveal (we will watch after "Explore" below :)

NItrogen Triiodide Trim.mp4
Slow Motion Contact Explosive - Nitrogen Triiodide.mp4

2. Explore (randomized grouping)

    • Activity: Nitrogen Triiodide
      1. Notes
        1. Provide the electron configurations and Lewis Dot Diagrams for nitrogen and iodine.
        2. Do nitrogen and iodine form an ionic or covalent bond? Explain using electron configurations and Lewis Dots.
        3. Which atom is larger, nitrogen or iodine? Explain using electron configuration.
      2. Whiteboard
        1. Make a model of Nitrogen Triiodide using balloons, tape, and a small ball.
        2. Draw your model one one side of your whiteboard, labeling the atoms as either N or I.
        3. Using yoru drawing, hypothesize why Nitrogen Triiodide is so explosive on the other side of the whiteboard.
      3. Demo
        • Fume Hood
      4. Reflection
        • Click here for video. Click here to for image. Why do you think Nitroglycerine is so explosive?

3. Lesson

    1. Notebook Quiz: Click here
    2. Notes: Covalent Lewis Structures.
    3. HW Review/HW Quiz: Click here

4. Apply

    1. Lab: AP Chem Model Hacks & Presentations. Click here for slides. [p]
    2. Activity: VSEPR Yoga.
    3. Notes: Molecular Geometry (VSEPR).

5. Extend

    1. Activity: Organic Tattoos. Click here for images.
    2. Reflection: What similarities do you notice about all of the Tattoos?
    3. Notes: Organic Chemistry .
    4. Activity: Your Tattoo!
    5. Practice: Molecular Geometry Practice/Organic Chemistry. Quiz return.
    6. Activity: Opioids Video. Organic Chemical Presentations. Click here for slides.
    7. Presentations
      1. Draw each skeletal structure
      2. Categorize each into similar groups based on appearance.

6. Review

    1. Relay Races!: Click here for slides. Click here structures. [outside]
    2. Practice Problems
      1. Complete all remaining
      2. Tag ALL Lewis structures drawn with correct Molecular Geometry
    3. Quiz (*)
    4. Topic 4 Portfolio.