Marilyn Cannon, Professor Emeritus, Biology Department, Sonoma State University

Biologist & Interdisciplinary Educator

Curriculum Vitae (link to page)

Research Interests:

Marine Biology/Algae; Algal Molecular Biology & Physiology; Biomineralization (link to page)

Electron Microscopy Images (link to page)

Other Interests: Marine Ecology; Coral Reef Ecology; Environmental Field Studies; Pomegranates

Interdisciplinary Grants:

Intersegmental Faculty Articulation Projects in Contextual Learning, Sonoma County Career -to-School Partnership

Funded by a grant from California School to Career Interagency Partners, CSU, Hayward to Petaluma School District

January 2001 - January 2003

Hidden Waters (link to page) "Uncovering Natural History and Cultural History through Urban Stream Restoration"

Funded by a grant from CUEREC (California Urban Environmental Research and Education Center) to Northbay Environmental Education and Restoration group (NEER)

August 1999 - February 2001

Publications (link to page)


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 A selection of my Biology FIELD TRIP PHOTOS (link to page)

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My Video of the Month :

Pomegranates: Fruits and Flowers

Office Hours: By appointment

Phone: (707) 217-6303

Marilyn I. Cannon, May 24, 2023

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