School Management System

SISKO is a computer program in the form of Software School Management Information System as a web-based solution for the Integrated Administration School, which includes a variety of integrated modules and are multiuser so SISKO accessible to all students, teachers and staff in schools

SISKO or School Management System designed for schools that can harness the power of information technology to the fullest.

SISKO provide school management administration solutions using computer technology, communication technology and Internet technology.

SISKO provide integrated data processing system so that it can build the interconnection input results from existing modules so as to provide ease of presentation of information. Dissemination or delivery of this information can be made by using the intranet and the Internet so that information can be accessed by anyone who has the right, at anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.

SISKO is an integrated school administration software that includes some basic modules needed to assist an institution in the provision of timely and accurate information.

SISKO designed for multiuser usage; as SISKO school management software can be accessed by students, teachers, employees, principals to the security guard and librarian with permissions different.

SISKO a school management software that is able to record the history of the student (bio, value, counseling, extracurricular, finance / SPP, the loan book, presence, etc.) of the students go to graduate school or out of it.