School Information System

Definition of School Information System

In the context of education, it is still a controversy and inconsistency in the use of management jargon. On the one hand there are still inclined to use the term management, so it is known as education management. On the other hand, not a few who use the term administration so known term educational administration. In this study, the authors tend to identify with both, so that both terms can be used with the same meaning.

Furthermore, the following will present some common understanding of management delivered by some experts. From Kathryn. M. Bartol and David C. Martin cited by A.M. Kadarman SJ and Jusuf Udaya (1995) gives the formula that:

"Management is the process to achieve goals - goals of the organization with activities in four main functions, namely planning (planning), organizing (organizing), lead (leading), and control (controlling). Thus, management is a continuous activity ".

While Stoner was quoted by T. Hani Handoko (1995) argues that:

"Management is the process of planning, organizing, directing, and monitoring efforts of the members of the organization and the use of resource-other organizational resources in order to achieve organizational goals that have been set".

In particular in the context of education, THIS NOTE Satori (1980) gives the notion of management education by using the term educational administration which is defined as "the whole process of cooperation by utilizing all personnel and material resources available and appropriate to achieve educational goals that have been set effectively and efficient". Meanwhile, Hadari Nawawi (1992) suggested that "educational administration as a whole range of activities or business control processes of cooperation a number of people to achieve the goal of education is systematically organized in certain environments, especially in the form of formal educational institutions".

Although discovered the notion of management or administration is diverse, both in general and specifically about education, but essentially we could conclude about the notion of management education, that: (1) management education is an activity; (2) management of educational utilize various resources; and (3) management of education seeks to achieve specific goals.