SET YOUR 2020 with intention, focus, CLARITY led by SONIA GROSSI, Certified Coach, CPCC

It's hard to do this type of planning on your own. Join Sonia's live group calls and create a plan to set up your 2020 for your LIFE and your CAREER OR BUSINESS.

What will we focus on during the program?

your Values

Is it travel, love, family, fun?

Generosity, integrity, leadership?

What's important?

What are your must haves for 2020? Is it personal growth, more exercise, more fun?

Stop doing?

Do you need to let go of toxic people? Stop eating out so much? Stop buying things you don't need?

What Will I get?

From a seasoned, certified professional coach, leadership expert, and someone who built her coaching and consulting practice from scratch, I will take you through a series of exercises to plan and map out your 2020 the way that has best worked for me. The best part is you will receive a strategy and leadership 30 minute coaching call with me after the group calls for extra support. If you know me personally, you know that I am a PRO at getting S*** done.

What's included and its value:

  • 2 live virtual group calls (VALUE: $600 per person)
  • Worksheets to build your Q1 and Q2 Strategy that is tried tested and true (VALUE: $500 per person)
  • Follow up strategy and leadership coaching call with Sonia to integrate your learning (VALUE: $250 per person)

Total Value: $1350.00 CAD per person

You pay --> $297.00 CAD

Reflection tools

A reflection tool to take a look at what worked in 2019 and what didn't work so well in 2019.


A template + worksheet to strategically plan your 2020 based on who you are and what you want to experience.


  • Time: After the workday because I know you are busy during it - we start at 7 PM EST
  • Format: Group call through Zoom
  • You will receive a workbook before the first call to review and to use during the calls
  • On Tuesday, January 28 we will take a look at what worked well in 2019, what didn't work well, and what values are important to you
  • On Tuesday, February 11 we will take a look at planning the first three months of 2020 using the template and workbooks based on values, what's important, and what you want to experience


  • A private 30-minute follow up coaching call with Sonia within 45 days of the final group call for integration and additional support moving forward.

Investment - $297.00 CAD

For any questions, email Sonia at