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Intuitive Healing, Intelligent Treatment.

Consciously Applied Knowledge

A Collective Awakening is occurring.

Literally, the Evolution of Humanity.

This Awakening isn't "just" a Spiritual Evolution.

Our bodies are not only coming along for the ride,

they are REQUIRED to facilitate the full Shift.

All you need is a Willing Heart.

And maybe a little InnerSpace guidance.

That's where Carly comes in.#GetToWork

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An Avatar Embodiment Experience

Time to Embrace Embodiment!

I have been super busy busy busy receiving and organizing SUPERBLOOM: The Avatar Embodiment Experience.

But more than that, I have been LIVING it. Over the last few months, I have been training with the Higher Realms to bring you the clearest, most concise steps that I can offer to assist with the transformation, transmutation, and shapeshifting into the Solar Light Body Beings we came here to be.

It has been an amazing, beautiful, and at times, uncomfortable process. My intention has always been to clear the way to make things easier for others.

I think I got it. Or at least I'm on my way... Jump in an let's see what you think!

April 30 & May 1

11am ET - 8am PT

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Who is Carly Vernon?


Be Informed

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Your Turn

A Medical Intuitive Anatomist & A Cosmic Healing Catalyst

For 11 years Carly has tirelessly devoted herself to the ascension process, a spiritual journey of transformation, connection & Co-Creation. Now, having entered fully into the alchemical shift to Avatar, Carly draws on her earth-borne talents & education, weaving a Cosmic Embodiment Connection to assist you through a very personal & unique transformation. Developing a True Felt Sense she wishes to assist all willing hearts to Free themselves of old-world density, paradigms & constructs of the body, mind, so you may experience who and what you came here to have. To be. A Co-Creator.

Carly's intent: To assist all willing Hearts in discovering their Unique Expression of Truth by disentangling from anything that is not in resonance with their Being. This comes by way of freeing physical, mental, and emotional scars often manifesting and hiding as sticky, crusty shit in the soft tissues and joints of the body. Wish to see earthly certifications? Check the About Page


“Even without being able to physically touch my body Carly was able to guide me over Zoom to address my aches and pains piling up during COVID19 lockdown. It was every bit as effective, perhaps more, than a hands on office visit, she taught me how to go deep within and access movements to unkink chronic issues independently, now I can do them myself to continue the healing process after the visit! Her intuition and understanding of anatomy and how the human body functions and how to heal it is way beyond any traditional or non traditional doctor or therapist.” – RF in Watertown, MA

“I left the session feeling changed and uplifted, hopeful, amazed. I loved how the session flowed and now my body opened up to flow and release. If I was telling a hesitant friend about the session, I would tell them to enter into the session with trust, openness and surrender and that your body will thank you. I was very glad I did these sessions. I know my body opened in a new way and is now flowing in a less constricted, more free manner.” -SanRa

“I really enjoy my weekly (transformational coaching) sessions with Carly. The sessions were a mixture of inspiration and practical ideas. Carly has a very positive way of looking at things that is contagious. She offered many ways to change my behavior around food, but also my mindset. I am still a work in progress, but our sessions gave me a plan to work with and new ways of looking at my lifestyle and eating habits. “ - MH