Bienvenidos a la clase de Español

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

Learning about the culture of Spanish and those who speak it, will enhance you as a person and give you opportunities that you might otherwise not have. So… pay attention, participate, study, don’t fall behind, and most importantly, have fun!

Grading and scale:

  • Four chapters will be covered during this semester
  • Test, quizzes, and online assignments will be part of your grade.
  • There is no extra credit
  • We are using SBG. So if you have a 2 or a 1. You aren’t fully understanding or getting a power standard and need to get help and work on to reassess.
  • Your grade starts over with the new quarter.
  • You must have at least a 70% or above at the end of the quarter to go to the next level of Spanish.

4: Demonstrates thorough understanding of the learning target

3.5: Demonstrates understanding of the learning target

3: Demonstrates a developing understanding of the learning target

2: Demonstrates partial understanding of the learning target

1: Demonstrates minimal understanding of the learning target

0: Not turned in or No understanding of the learning target

Reassessment Procedures

If a student score less than a 3 (70%) on any learning target, he/she needs to ask for help.

a. First, we will work on practices that have not been completed, then some independent practice. In order to re-assess a particular learning target, students need to have completed all tareas (homework) and vistas related to the learning target.

b. They also need to meet with the teacher to complete an additional practice activity successfully before re-assessing.

c. Re-assessments over learning targets require a 24 hour notice.

Spanish I: When a student earns a 4 on Wednesday, they don’t have to take the quiz on Friday. You will have a pretest on Monday. If you don’t have a 4 on Wednesday, or Friday, you can retake the quiz the following week (make sure all the assignments and related tarea is done prior to the quiz).

GOAL: to have 75% of students earn a 3 or higher ON/BY Friday.

4 10 words spelled correctly

3.5 9 words spelled correctly

3 7-8 words spelled correctly

2 5-6 words spelled correctly

1 1-4 words spelled correctly

0 0 correct spelled correctly

Homework & Assignments

  • Homework and assignments are due when I collect it or walk by to check it. Late work will be accepted WITH SOME CONSEQUENCES.
  • Every week you will have on line assignments called Vistas. This will be part of your grade. You need to complete them before Sunday at 5:00 pm. Otherwise, a zero will be enter on your grade until next Sunday comes around.
  • In the case you have an excused absence. You do have 2 days to make up your work. Scores will be entered as 0 until you complete them.
  • It’s your responsibility to find out what you missed. Make sure you set up REMIND on your phone to complete the work, and show it to Señor Chapa.

Homework and non-assessed assignments will appear in the following manner within PowerSchool Gradebook.

√: Turned In

√: Completed

√: Mostly Completed with a comment

PC: Partially Completed will be considered not done/not completed

NO: Not Observed/Missing will be considered not done/not completed


  • HELP is available in Señor Chapa’s room 105 IN THE HIGH SCHOOL in the morning (7:45am-8:00am) DURING SEMINAR B or AFTER SCHOOL by arrangement.
  • See me IMMEDIATELY if you don’t understand a lesson or power standard we cover in Spanish I you need to come in and get some extra help because it won’t go away!


  • Come prepared with your binder, pen, pencil, notebook, and a dry erase marker.
  • No food/drinks/candy/gum in the classroom. Water is allowed
  • Be in your seat when the bell rings at the beginning of class AND at the end of the class
  • Do not cheat or allow others to cheat (Do not use internet dictionaries/ translation sites during test and quizzes—If you need help come and ask Señor Chapa for a dictionary)
  • Leave the classroom at appropriate times, if at all possible (Try not to make a habit of it)
  • Be nice to the subs! ;-)
  • Cell phones, music players, headphones, calculators, video games, iPods, and etc. MUST BE PUT AWAY AND TURNED OFF BEFORE CLASS STARTS! If not, you may pick the item up from me at the end of class, or from the office.
  • Follow directions and BE A GOOD PERSON!