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TIRED by Carmen L Miller

The soulful songstress and energetic performer who brings the best of what people love about music together in one total package: great stage presence and a powerful quality sound is here with a new single, TIRED!

It’s an inspiring and uplifting song sure to improve your outlook. This song is great for rotation on several online playlists and platforms. It is commercially captivating, catchy and enjoyable across many genres.

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Posted on Oct 22, 2020

The Brooklyn Zu: Breaking Records

Jamaican producer, songwriter, and hip-hop artist OnPlanetZu is breaking boundaries with his new single. Within just a few days of the release of his album “Brooklyn Zu,” he is already breaking music records. He has reached a landmark with the single “When I Become Famous,” featuring Ol Dirty Bastard Jr. Also coming off the Brooklyn Zu album is the outrageous animated video “Break Stuff” of the classic Limp Bizkit hit. The album already has over 1 million plays on Sound Cloud and list of underground club bangers.

The artist has raised the bar high with his unique creativity creating his own lane to become one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the label. With his style that is described as a great blend of hip-hop, trap, and rock, the artist is diverse yet has a very personal sound. He has hit more than one million plays on Sound Cloud. This caught the attention of the indie label, X-Ray. The project is the brainchild of Zu Tha Greatone who describes the artist as talented and capable of creating clever and thought provoking musical backdrops that draws inspiration from big names in the music industry, like Prince, Public Enemy , Ludacris, Old Dirty Bastard, Busta Rhymes among others. OnPlanetZu makes music that represents truth, growth, and realness.

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Posted on Oct 22, 2020


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