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Rod White have been in the Entertainment Industry (Film, Television and Music) for 30+ years by trial and error. Rod has seen many changes during the courses of 30 years. Rod White, told LHMPR Radio Host that the major record companies have literally cheated a lot of Recording Artists, Songwriters and Producers for decades by controlling their Masters and Publishing Royalties by giving them a salary in exchange for Marketing and Promoting their brand. The only money they get is from Fame, Merchandise and Touring, which most of the Labels took a portion of it from 360 Deals. The 360 Deal In the music industry, a 360 deal is a business relationship between an Artist and a Music Industry Company. The Company agrees to provide Financial and other support for the Artist, including direct advances as well as support in Marketing, Promotion, Touring and other areas.

Now the opportunity is moving towards the Independents who are constantly changing the game using technology as a means to compete with the majors. Without it, they will continue to be ignored unless there are alternative routes such as digital distribution (DSP), licensing, self-marketing and promotions, social media, virtual concert performances and word-of-mouth.


Textbot.ai is a high value, one-of-a-kind automated Virtual system, that provides our paid clients premium Marketing Strategies for generating customer leads, and maximizing customer interactions, by providing each person, through the textbot.ai system, a Automated Virtual Assistant.


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Listen to the Audio Performances on

Performance #1 - BAZERK - Snitches

Performance #2 - Carmen Miller - Tired

Performance #3 - Don Jaymor - Move Ya Feet

Performance #4 - Marlon Cherry - You Are The Best

Performance #5 - Mike Mack - Beautiful One

Performance #6 - ONPLANET ZU - Break Stuff

Performance #7 - Quentin Mack - Passion

Performance #8 - Thomas Seibert - Victorious

PERFORMANCE #9 - Fluid 24


Since we started, we have been providing stellar services to new and seasoned musicians. Our entertainment company is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to guide our talents effectively as they navigate their way through the music industry. Partner with us!

Who we are….

SOLO Music Publishing LLC is a very dependable entertainment company serving diverse artists and labels worldwide in the music industry while utilizing their affiliated branches such as SOLO Management & Promotions.